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Sporty 90s Style hand Embroidered Ringer Tee

Sporty 90s Style hand Embroidered Ringer Tee

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A sporty tee for the very sportiest at sports! Enjoy this 90s style tee (remember that cup? Yes, it's inspired by that cup) at any and every occasion. Revel in the nostalgia offered by this most glorious of shirts, remember the good old days? Gosh darn it if they weren't pretty darn good! 

This shirt is photographed in a small "unisex" white and black ringer tee, made in a sweatshop free factory. This particular shirt has a small dye stain on the sleeve (more detailed photographs will be added in a jiffy). This design can be produced on another shirt as well, just email at and we can sort out whatever you'd like! The photographed shirt was destined for the landfill, but gosh darn it it's perfectly usable! Less waste is the best waste. 


Items are typically made to order, and we keep only a few shirts on hand at one time to cut down on waste. Your shirt may need to be ordered from our supplier before it can be crafted. It can take as long as 2-3 weeks for your item to be sent out from our shop (although our usual is much faster, it's just something to be aware of when ordering and you can certainly contact us for a time estimate), we appreciate your patience and will of course keep you updated!

Each item is hand embroidered, so some small variations may occur.

You will see that you can leave a tip at checkout. At this point those funds go directly toward our ability to move into phase two, but when we begin phase two those funds will go directly to our employees. The company makes no money off of tips, we will just subtract processing fees, pool the money, and divide it among our staff.

Items are priced according to how long they take to make. Every stitch is a bit of a feat: the tension has to be just right or the fabric buckles and looks wretched. I think the ultimate effect is grand, but it does take a good deal of time to complete.

This shop is the start of something big: a company/nonconditional cash transfer fusion. Buying this shirt will help move forward a plan for ethical and non-condescending poverty alleviation/employment opportunities for vulnerable folks. Follow us to learn more! This is very much early early days.

All designs are thought up and created by yours truly.


This is a unisex tee. It is longer in the arms and torso than a typical women's fit.

The chest measurement is taken from underarm to underarm.
The length of the shirt is measured from where the shoulder seam meets the crew neck seam to the bottom of the shirt.

Unisex size chart all in inches. Size small 17.5 chest, 27.5 length. Medium 19.5 chest, 28.5 length. Large 21.5 chest, 29.5 length. X Large 23.5 chest, 30.5 length. 2x Large 25.5 chest, 31.5 length. 3x Large 27.5 chest, 32.5 length. 4x Large 29.5 chest, 33.5 length. 5x Large 31.5 chest, 34.5 length.



Please hand wash this item, and definitely hang dry. Some folks have washed their items in a laundry bag in a gentle cycle with no ill results, but I don't necessarily recommend it as the threads can still catch in the washing cycle. Don't put this in the drier!

Do not iron directly on the front side of the stitching. You can iron it lightly inside out.

Return Policy

Since we are such a small company, and a business trying to accomplish some social good, we ask that you take your time when shopping, and do not order multiple sizes when you only intend to keep one item. Accurate measurements are listed with each item. Extensive returns will ultimately impede our ability to achieve our goals; we ask our customers to make thoughtful purchases. 

-If your item arrives damaged or defective we will replace it. 

- Customized items are final sale.

- All returns are for store credit and must be initiated within 15 days of receipt of the item. All items must be in like new condition with no indications of wear. 

-Duties and taxes are the customer's responsibility.

Our quality standards are very high and we will support you if your item needs some repairs after cumulative wear and tear. You’re not just abandoned, if anything comes up, even years after purchase, we can do our very best to talk you through repairs.   

Please check our returns and duties page for full details.

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