A bit about us...

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this! As stated on the intro page we're still in stage 1, which means we are working with a very minimal staff until we can move into phase two. We're working on designs and training structures, all while fulfilling orders from lovely folks like you.  

We've come up with a basic checklist for our actions as a company. This is not all inclusive, and will certainly grow as the company grows, but it's a good outline. It also provides a good opportunity for getting outside feedback, if you have a brilliant idea and are willing to share we'd be delighted to hear it!

The Checklist:

  • Employ folks long enough so that they earn enough money to get themselves into a suitable work/housing situation. This will mean something different for different places/times, hence us not disclosing the exact amount. Suffice to say in the 1.5-2 months folks would work for us they would earn a bit more than they may have made in a year. It’s also worth noting that this is only part time work, we want people to have the time to pursue their goals and improve their situation, whatever that might mean.

  • Not leverage people’s images and experiences to advertise the business. Perhaps some folks want to share their stories, and we're open to that as well. We don't want to force people into a public position when they're just looking for employment. We’re trying to be polite and decent, please do let us know if you have any constructive criticism. 

  • Keep the greatest level of anonymity possible/preferred for everyone involved. 

  • Avoid the impression of saviorism by being as transparent as possible. This is a business. Everyone is benefiting. We don’t know what anyone personally needs, we've seen a place for this kind of product and story but do not presume to be the expert on any of this. Everyone is the expert on their own life and no one is saving anyone.

  • Work with local organizations to find people to hire.

  • Conduct in person trainings. Have an effective class series which assumes no prior experience with embroidery. Pay hired folks for their training, no rude nonsense here.

  • Pay everyone involved a respectable wage. Nothing wildly extravagant (The Dream!), nothing wretchedly low. We will actively aim for fair compensation for everyone involved in the production process. 

  • Whenever it's sensible to do so we'd love to create some sense of community with staff, perhaps an occasional shared meal as a place to network and learn from each other.

  • We'd love to eventually focus on collaborations. This way we could do large runs with established businesses/influencers and maximize impact. 

    We're just trying to do decent work and hope to improve the lives of a few folks along the way. Thanks for being here!