Company Policies

  • Why are there no photos of your staff?

This is incredibly important to us. We do hope to eventually have little blurbs written by my staff, but of course now we are only in phase one so those are a bit of a moot point at the moment. But we will never exploit the folks we hire. Just because someone is in a bit of a pickle does not mean that we need to document it in order to give them a boost. They still very much deserve their privacy. The first group of group of employees will specifically include LGBTQ+ individuals in a country that they are unsafe in, so we will keep their identities private for their safety as well as their dignity. They shouldn’t be paraded about, it’s very common and very gross.

  • Why are there no photos of the founder of the company?

Annette here. For the time being I have decided to keep my face private. Not because I want to stay private for myself especially, but because I will be interacting with folks who are not safe *because* they are not safe. I don’t want to put anyone in danger by association with me, since of course the location we’re working in could easily get out (and inevitably will be out there to some degree when we begin shipping from there). I do not want anyone to be able to follow me and harm my workers. 

Just to be clear though I am a white cisgender woman.  

  • Why do you only hire people for a short period of time?

Partially because of the amount we pay. The pay is quite high for the time and experience involved, and since we are trying to be a company for social good we want to spread things out a bit. Perhaps we don’t need to have 5 folks who are very well off when we could have 10 folks who are doing well. Also, we do hope to have more portable operations in future, perhaps working with various organizations to efficiently funnel cash into their work.  

  • What's the deal with the tips on the checkout page?
Those will be for our workers. At this point those funds go directly toward our ability to move into phase two, but when we begin phase two those funds will go directly to our employees. The company will make no money off of tips, we will just subtract processing fees, pool the money, and divide it among our staff. It's not treated as a donation come tax day, we're not quite so fancy just yet. We wanted to have a way to achieve very efficient direct giving. You're certainly not obligated to tip, workers are making more than a livable wage, it just helps them out even more!